Author: Fatos Ismali

The UK AI Council recently published the AI Roadmap report that outlines a set of recommendations for the UK Government on how to engage in research, development, and governance of AI technologies for the foreseeable future.

The Roadmap focuses on four pillars:

  • Research, Development and Innovation
  • Skills and Diversity
  • Data, Infrastructure, and Public Trust
  • National, Cross-sector Adoption

You can read the full report at the following link:

I have also taken the time to go through the report and extract some key pieces of information and illustrate them in the form of a Mind Map. …

Author: Fatos Ismali

Business forecasting is becoming increasingly important in today’s dynamic and unpredictable world. Forecasting finds itself aplicable in a variety of industries and business scenarios — from predicting product demand in a marketing context to predicting energy consumption. In light of the recent Covid-19 pandemic many forecasting models have experienced what I call a “drift shock” that has meant that many of these models need to be retrained to take into account the change in distribution of data points across time and especially across 2020. Therefore, many companies are going back to the “drawing board” to retrain models…

Author: Fatos Ismali

I recently hosted a Kaggle Machine Learning Challenger hack as part of a meetup group I organise here in London,UK: During this hack participants formed into groups of 5–6 data scientists and worked on a selected Kaggle competition throughout the day. The purpose of this hack was for participants to collaborate, learn, share experience and come up with innovative solutions to Kaggle problems.

One of the groups was looking at the IEEE-CIS Fraud Detection competition which has now ended but is still available on the Kaggle platform at:

Author: Fatos Ismali

Businesses of all sizes and shapes are embarking on Machine Learning initiatives and projects and embracing the benefits that this new technology is bringing about to their particular industry. The digitization of physical data sources that were deemed out of reach of technology, has created a deluge of data that keeps growing exponentially. This growth in data has inadvertently created a lot of technical and process challenges that are making it harder for companies to adopt Machine Learning effectively. One of the main challenges in the Machine Learning world today is scalability. Even though we like to…

Author: Fatos Ismali

Note: I use ‘AI’ as an umbrella term to encapsulate Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and all its other variants. I know each has its one unique flavors but I’m putting them all in one stew for now.

Big Data World conference — Panel discussion

At the last Big Data World conference that took place on the 12/13th of March at the Excel exhibition center in London, I had the privilege to be invited by to participate as part of a panel discussion and talk about the skills needed to take your data to the next level. …

Guest Author: Jon Machtynger

During Usain Bolt’s World record 100m sprint at the 2009 Athletic Championships in Berlin, he covered the distance between the 60th and 80th meter in just 1.61 seconds, about 44.7km/h. I couldn’t beat him in a fair race, but I can confidently claim that with super-human abilities, I could travel at 100mph with very little effort. I’ll just need a little help from a car. Traveling at 100mh is a superhuman act. Just to really rub it in, I might even race him over 100 miles averaging 100mph. …

Author: Fatos Ismali

Since the dawn of the computer age, scientists and engineers have always wondered about infusing computers with the ability to learn, just like humans do. Alan Turing was amongst the first scientists to posit a theory of intelligence that envisaged computers to one day be able to reach a level of intelligence that aims to reach human parity. Since then a number of giant leaps have been made that have pushed the field of Machine Learning forward. We have seen Machine Learning in many cases beating or at least matching specific human cognitive faculties such as in…

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